• So what has the Mayor been up to?

    Recently I acquired a 3d printer. For so long I have been thinking about parts I want to make but I just didn’t have the means to mold or machine the part. So what do I do? I look to 3d printing. Now 3d printing isn’t suited for high stress parts like suspension arms and ball cups. But for internal parts of the car like battery straps and spacers, clips, and other little tid bits it is perfect. For the most part I have been using it for just seeing how a part fits before committing to a production of Carbon Fiber.

    More on 3d printing later.

  • Quick update…

    Well, the shock stands are ready. Check the store. Still deciding on the final design of the charger stand.

  • Coming soon…

    Carbon Fiber Charger stands and Shock rebuild stands. 🙂

  • New for October, Team C TC02 Carbon

    After a month of design and testing new Carbon products are available for the Team C TC02

  • Some feed back from users of the 811Be Battery straps.

    I have recieved a little feedback and suggestions from several people on Rctech and in email. Here is a run down so far.

    1. One suggestion was to include some thin orings to take up the gap between the clip and the strap if a thinner lipo pack is used. I certainly may be doing this soon.
    2. Sand and glue the edges, makes the product look even better and strengthens carbon laminate.
    3. Ream out the holes for the posts on both ends just a little so the straps can be removed a little easier. It also helps to bevel the edges a little.
    4. The balance port may need to be enlarged a little depending on where this is located. I think I will make an adjustment in the design and start making this hole a little bigger.


  • My First Post.

    Welcome to WMD Products. No I’m not a terrorist or Saddam Hussien reincarnated. LOL WMD stands for “What Mayor Do”. Maybe in a future blog post i will explain how I was named the Mayor. I’ve been asked many times, it is a silly story, but it is what it is. I’m forever named the Mayor. Just like a Figher pilot gets named “Maverick”, “Jester”, “Goose”, etc. 🙂